6 Axle Dog | Muscat

6 Axle Dog

The Muscat Dog Trailer family really is “Best in Show”. Available in three, four, five and six axle dog configurations, these puppies are built to last. They utilise the latest in Muscat engineering and computer technology, so you’re guaranteed durability and maximum payloads.


The true strength of the Muscat Dog combination is in the Muscat Dolly. It’s designed to tackle any stresses you can throw at the front of the Dog. And then some…


In short, the Dog is built for strength and durability, not just appearance. Looking great is just an added Muscat bonus.



Ultilising Domex 700 high tensile steel
chassis tipper design
Tip-over-alxe design
side tipper design


6, 8, 10 and 12mm are available


Side Wall – 5mm
Front Wall – 6mm


Round tailgate with rubber sealing mounted on a one way offset hinges.
two-way hinge is also available


Available in Hendrickson Intraax, SAF Intradisc or Intradrum or BPW AL2

Braking System

Air Brake System complied with ADR 38/03


A range of selection including Edbro, Binotto, Roc, Hyva hoists are available


Hella LED side markers and taillights

Standard Equipment

Rothe Ballrace DK90/20
Alcoa wheels 10 Studs 285mm PCD 8.25×22.5
Kumho tyres KRT03 11R22.5


EBS with Roll Stability