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More than 40 years strong

The Muscat Trailers story dates way back to the mid 1960’s when director, Maurice Azzopardi and Paul Muscat joined forces to create Muscat Trailers.

Muscat Trailers went from strength to strength designing and manufacturing hundreds of the toughest, most durable and reliable trailers on the market.

With more than 20 basic trailer designs, you’re bound to find a trailer that does exactly what you need. Every trailer we build has its own story, no two trailers are the same. We design our trailers to do their job properly. Even if that means coming up with a completely new design.

Our engineers will design your trailer with the latest state of the art technology, so that together we can create a solution to exceed your expectations.

One thing remains unchanged, Muscat Trailers focuses on the highest level of customer service, are committed to superior quality, toughness and durability as it is at the heart of every trailer that we build.

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