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42% of heavy vehicles cop defects. Will yours?

10 Feb 2014

In 2012 the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS), under their Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme (HVIS), conducted 106,000 vehicle inspections.
Only 55,000 passed.
That’s just shy of 52%. Defect notices were issued to 42%.
Well, there’s a couple of conclusions we can draw.
1) The chances that your rig will be inspected are pretty damn good.
2) The chances that you’ll get done for a defect are also right up there.

The scary thing, from an operator’s perspective, is that you can get done even when your truck combination’s mechanically sound and well maintained.
It’s just that maybe the combination itself isn’t compliant with Performance Based Standards (PBS) or doesn’t meet RMS regulations.
The point is this. A lot of trailer manufacturers are really NOT up to speed with PBS or the RMS regulations. And that’s a worry.
It’s especially a worry if you’ve bought one of their trailers.
You won’t have that worry with a Muscat trailer.

We know the Australian standards backwards. We’re also on the RMS mailing list, and often in their ear.

Think about it.
If your vehicle’s served a defect, it won’t pass registration.
That means forking out for expensive modifications to get it roadworthy. It also means being off the road for a lengthy spell. And who can afford that?
To avoid all the hassles (and expense!!!), come and talk to Muscat Trailers.
Our aim is not to get you out of trouble, but to ensure you don’t get in it in the first place.
A tough trailer, built to perform trouble-free — what more could you ask?
We’re also more than happy to take questions or give advice on any of the whole range of transport regulations that WILL impact your bottom line.
Sing out if there’s any way I can give a hand – (02) 4648 2101

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