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PBS Tri Bogey Tipper

25 Jan 2015

The vehicle combination shown here is the first of it’s in kind for Tippers on NSW Roads. It’s a Performance Based Standard or PBS vehicle – A Tri Bogey B Double configuration. This vehicle was built for TRN who are based in Spring Farm NSW.

It’s been built to work on General Access Roads at a maximum of 50.5 tonne. This means it can go anywhere.Under HML Level 2 it can carry a gross combination of 61 Tonne. It’s been designed to cart aggregates.

Muscat has been involved in manufacturing PBS vehicles since 2010, so if your thinking about increasing the productivity and safety of your fleet give us a call. We are specialists in the PBS scheme.

PBS Tri Bogey Trailer PBS Tri Bogey Trailer PBS Tri Bogey Trailer PBS Tri Bogey Trailer
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