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Muscat Falcon Live Bottom Trailer Launch

11 Apr 2015

There has been a growing demand for a different style of tipper in Australia.

Muscat Trailers are proud to offer the Falcon Live Bottom Trailer. This trailer has been “Australianised” for local conditions.

We were fortunate enough to have the Export Sales Manager of Etnyre International, Rich Wilsie here in Australia to support the launch of the Muscat Falcon Live Bottom Trailer.

“I’m Rich Wilsie from the Etnyre Company. We are here today with our new dealer Muscat Trailer. Introducing the Falcon Live Bottom Trailer to Australia. Live Bottom Trailers are designed to haul¬†asphalt, aggregates, grains, any dense type product that needs to be hauled.

The concept of the trailer is to unload from the rear in a controlled rate into a paver for stock piling. This trailer is a 32 foot tri-axle used primarily for asphalt. 18 cubic metre capacity. 7.2 tonne tare weight. We think it’s the perfect trailer for this market.

It was brought as a kit to Australia by Muscat. They finished all the axles, the tarp all with local Australian products so you get local service on your axles, tyres, wheels, everything is Australian.¬†The body itself was all built in our factory in the US to the Australian specs specified by Muscat Trailers. We’re excited about the product. We think it’s going to be a big hit in Australia. A lot of competition here but we think we brought the right product to compete and possibly capture a good portion of the market.”

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