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Tip Over Axle or Chassis Tipper? Which is the safer model?


It’s actually a debatable topic. From an OH and S point of view people feel that your typical Chassis tipper combination that all the axles are on the ground. My opinion with that is that with a Tip Over Axle, typically you’ve got one less axle off the ground, but you’ve got drawbars to hold that body up in the air. So in my opinion the Tip Over Axle is a much safer option. However, there are some instances now where a lot of quarries and garbage tips are not allowing Tip Over Axles into their yards.

Why Is that?

When a Risk Assessment has been done there’s more axles on the ground with a Chassis Tipper over a Tip Over Axle, but I feel that a risk assessment has been done by someone who hasn’t got a very educated understanding about the way a vehicle is operated.