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Custom Designed Platform Tipper

Custom Designed Platform Tipper that minimises the time taken to tip, improving your turnaround time.


Its important to remember that the time it takes to unload and reload your trailer is essentially time that is wasted, so we’ve built these platform tippers to minimise the time it takes to tip, allowing for a quicker turn around.

So here you can see the trailer in its standard driving position, and you can see the gap between the A and the B trailer. For this combination to tip we need the B trailer to close up to the A trailer.

To do this we have specially designed a turntable that actually slides forward. We will just flick to the inventor application where you can see the turntable sliding forward. There you can see the turntable sliding forward and here you can see the B trailer sliding forward. It’s pushing up against that A trailer. So when this combination is lifted on a platform you will see that the tailgate of the A trailer actually opens into the bin of the B trailer.

We will pan up so you can get a better view of that. There you go. You can see the tailgate opening into the B trailer. This allows the combination to unload more efficiently reducing the turnaround time and increasing productivity. Here you can see an image in the flesh of the product in the A trailer tipping into the B trailer.

Customised Trailer that Carts More Product

Custom Gooseneck and B Trailer Design allowing you to cart more product


To get the most out of your trailer it’s important that we understand your specific requirements, that way we can ensure that you are able to haul the most amount of product on each trip. Here is an example of our Asterion model, and this is actually the standard design of our Asterion model.

Here you can see in this section the gooseneck is straight, so there is no bend. One of our customers needed to cart very light product, and required more volume. For him to transport the maximum payload we customised this design.

As we flick to the custom design. Here you can see that we created a gooseneck that had a bend in it. This lowered the floor of the B trailer. This allowed us to create a B trailer with higher sides, giving him the ability to cart more product. This also improved the handling of the vehicle as it had a lower centre of gravity. We’ll just flick to another angle. Here you can see the gooseneck from another angle.